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Re: gnome-phone-manager (0.6) packages for Debian GNU/Linux (testing)?

Le dimanche 30 octobre 2005 à 23:00 +0100, Ivo Marino a écrit :
> Hello folks,
>    I was just wondering if someone has packaged the latest
> gnome-phone-manager version (0.6) for Debian GNU/Linux (testing)?
>    Actually I can find just the latest Ubuntu package of
> gnome-phone-manager which won't install, without a dpkg install
> --force-all, on an up-to-date Debian testing system: Some dependencies
> are outdated.

You should have a look at http://packages.debian.org for existing
For expected packages (ITP), you should have a look at
But anyway, if searching for a pre-existing package in Debian Testing, I
would recommend first checking in Unstable, and if present there, there
might be a (good) chance for it to be also in Testing.

>    Thanks in advance for feedback.
> Best regards,
>  I.
> P.S. I'm currently off-list so please Cc: me on each reply. Thanks.

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