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Re: Gnome 2.12 (Control Center)

Rob (et al),

I am doing the following...

1) trying to get Gnome installed, which in and of itself is not really a difficult thing, but  I am trying to do this from within the Debian framework.

2) trying to understand the challenges that go into packaging  Gnome for Debian (both  from a theoretical standpoint) and from a practical application.

3) trying to understand, and perhaps end up building some wiki-based documentation, how Gnome and Debian interact and WHY some of the things are done.

4) figure out what I am to do (within Debian) regarding several things that work badly in Gnome 2.10.

There is very little in the way of documentation about things like WHY Debian Gnome is packaged the way it is, and it seems to me to be pulling teeth to get a straight answer about things like Why I am required to install Python if I want Gnome on Debian, but not if I build from source.

I am very confused about the manner in which the Debs for various gnome packages seem to have a spiderweb of dependencies that I cannot explain looking at source.

Sebastian's email about icons not displaying properly without control-center was helpful, but I am trying to put rhyme and reason to things that don't (at least in the looking I have done), have them.

I'm not trying to cause a firestorm here, but I am trying to understand what is going on, and why things are being done in the manner they are being done.


On 11/1/05, Rob Adams <readams@readams.net> wrote:
On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 14:57 -0700, Dave Loftis wrote:
> Fair enough.  But, then I go back to the previous question:  why is
> gnome-menus a dependency of control-center.
> I understand that libgnome-menus is dependent, but why gnome-menus?
> -dave

The idea of the dependencies is so that you can install the packages and
end up with a functioning GNOME environment, including all the pieces
that may, while not strictly and absolutely needed, are required for the
software to have all its functioning intact.

If you're trying to accomplish some specific goal for which
control-center depending on gnome-menus is an obstacle, perhaps it would
be more productive if you explained what your goal was, rather than
treating this like a game of 20 questions.  Then you could get answers.
As it is, people are very confused what it is you're really asking.


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