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Re: Installing Gnome 2.12 with apt-get...

[NOTE: this is not a flame war email. So, please do not start one]


Remember that experimental needs packages from Unstable since this is not a self contained "distribution". That means that if you are adding 'experimental' to your sources.list, you must also add 'unstable' and perhaps even 'testing'.

Now, not to discourage you but, if you search through the list archives you will find that for every new version of Gnome, there is a plethora of problems and the packages for testing/experimentating with gnome are never "public". After much fuzzing and tinkering with this topic, i decided to take matters into my own hands... This was also discourage by the Gnome Pkg maintainers because of other reasons (which i understand. mostly bugs that could arise later when my own packages clash with packages made by them when they are made available).

I don't think any of us have time to either package gnome by ourselves everytime there is a new release of gnome. So, in my case, i just switch to Ubuntu. I keep a Sarge box around just in case, but every other desktop system i own is running Ubuntu. And i'm happy i did: everything just works and I have the latest version of Gnome at my disposal. You can't go wrong.

In short you have two choices (or perhaps three if you count packaging gnome2.12 yourself):
1. wait for the gnome 2.12 packages to go to 'testing' (Etch) (perhaps 2 more years)
2. use the Ubuntu packages (or the Ubuntu "Breezy" distribution)

Number 1 has been the favorite for Debian package maintainers for years. It does work for them, especially for servers. However, some of us think that if upstream releases packages as "stable" they are stable and we are nobody to say they need even more testing. The only thing that might need testing is the way that the debian packages integrate with the rest of the old libraries currently in debian -- or those libraries used by the desktop packages should be updated accordingly as we go along using upstream "stable" sources. [Yes, this is how "unstable" is supposed to work but it never really does. Look at how old some packages are and the debian maintainers refuse publicly to update them. gdm comes to mind... i'm sure there are others]


On 11/10/05, David BERCOT <david.bercot@wanadoo.fr> wrote:

I hope I am on the right list...
I'd like to install Gnome 2.12 but I have some dependencies problems.
If I do : apt-get install -t experimental gnome, it needs other packages
from experimental but, if I'm right, apt does not search them in
Do you know if there is a command line which says to apt to install
gnome from experimental, and, if necessary, others packages from the
same source ?

Thank you very much.


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