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Re: Gnome 2.12 (Control Center)

On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 16:00 -0700, Dave Loftis wrote:
> 4) figure out what I am to do (within Debian) regarding several things
> that work badly in Gnome 2.10.

Start by filing bugs.  If it's a problem with upstream GNOME, then file
bugs there.  Most problems you encounter will be problems with upstream
GNOME and not with the packaging of GNOME by the debian GNOME team.  If
there's a missing dependency in the debian package then of course its a
debian problem.

Its possible that there are some dependencies that aren't strictly
needed.  In general, this doesn't hurt anything though.  Many GNOME
components have only soft dependencies in that they'll compile and run
but be in some way degraded.  There aren't any GNOME packages that will
protest if some other basic core component on which they don't
specifically depend is nonetheless present.  The number of people who
would want to install, say, control-center without the rest of GNOME is
vanishingly small, and it's not likely to be worth expending a great
deal of effort to ensure that they can.

Obviously, nobody could give you a complete accounting of why all the
different dependencies are the way they are, because quite simply there
doesn't exist anyone who knows all of them.  Even if there were such a
person, undoubtedly he or she would have more productive things to do. 

You might try reading through revision history logs to discover
information about specific changes.  In general, its best to start with
a specific problem and solve it.  Massive, systemic, projects are not
best accomplished by a beginner.


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