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Re: Please test the experimental gconf2

Le 14 nov. 05 à 00:35, Josselin Mouette a écrit :

Second, there's a (long-awaited) framework for easily setting defaults
without patching the schema files. You can now drop files
in /usr/share/gconf/defaults, with filenames starting with numbers, e.g.
20gnome-session. The number indicates the priority, greater numbers
meaning you can overwrite defaults set in lower priorities. The format
is very simple: each line consists in a key and a value, the type being
autodetected. Running update-gconf-defaults results in making these
defaults available even to running gconfd instances. Currently, the
script is written in python, but if someone rewrites it in
comprehensible perl, the dependency can be dropped. Of course, I will
add support for it to dh_gconf to make it even easier.

Hi Joss,

It would be marvelous (and probably more FHS compliant) if those files were not to be dropped in /usr/share/gconf/defaults, but in / etc/gconf/defaults. Or better (I do not know how you perceive the whole thing) if your update-gconf-defaults script could read both in /usr/share/gconf/ defaults and /etc/gconf/defaults. The /etc/gconf/defaults would be empty and filled only with localadmin-written stuff (btw, this name just came as the first off the top of my mind, but could be changed to /etc/gconf/local-defaults if this helps with transition from older setups). My centralised setup system takes care of everything under /etc, but not things under /usr (this is the holy kingdom of the packages).

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