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Re: No Debian menu?

I have both of those packages.  I think they are part of the standard distribution on Debian.  The Debian menu has been there for a long time, but has now just disappeared after recent updates.

Does anybody have another idea of how I might recover the Debian menu?


Travé Roman wrote:

Le mardi 15 novembre 2005 à 10:58 -0500, Chuck Williams a écrit :
I'm tracking Etch and have lost my Debian menu entirely on one of my
machines after recent updates.  I.e., there is no Debian entry on the
Gnome Applications menu.  I've tried running update-menus, but it does
not return.  Does anybody know how I can get my Debian menu back?
on an Ubuntu box, I've to install menu and menu-xdg to make the Debian
menu appears in the Gnome one.

can this help you?


Chuck Williams
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