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Re: Installing Gnome 2.12 with apt-get...

Le jeudi 10 novembre 2005 à 12:55 -0500, Luis M a écrit :
> [NOTE: this is not a flame war email. So, please do not start one]

What is it then?

> Now, not to discourage you but, if you search through the list
> archives you will find that for every new version of Gnome, there is a
> plethora of problems and the packages for testing/experimentating with
> gnome are never "public".

As most readers already know, this is 100% bullshit. The Subversion
repository has always been public, and packages have always been
uploaded to public repositories. This is of course the case for GNOME
2.12 as well.

The truth is, we don't recommend installing these packages to people not
skillful enough to deal with the numerous problems that happen in
experimental. Especially, some soname change in evolution libraries went
unnoticed and it led to serious breakage. Fixed packages are still
awaiting in the NEW queue.
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