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no applications menu


i'm running gnome 2.10.2 from debian testing.

i have no idea what i did (don't actually recall doing anything) but
i've lost my gnome applications menu. the places and desktop menus are
fine. the applications menu displays nothing at all - it previously
worked ok.

i notice that it does in fact expand for a split second and then
nothing. the applications menu item itself remains highlighted.

the contents of /etc/xdg/menus looks as i think it should
and /usr/share/applications still has all the menus items in it. i'm
stumped. googled for a bit and only found a post relating to v2.9 which
suggested adding an entry in .xinitrc - either way it didn't work.

i have another almost identical setup on another box and i've compared
the files/dirs i think might be relevant and i can't see anything wrong.
i tried it under user root and its the same result so i don't think its
a permissions thing.

i'm stumped!!

any suggestions would be appreciated.


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