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Announcement: New bugs pages, status of renaming Asus EEe Box boot problems [Bug 1291] dynamic DNS [Bug 1294] please confirm (this is closed?): swedish doesnt work [Bug 1296] debian-edu-install overrides preseeded value for etc-in-svk [Bug 1297] debian-installer section are missing Packages files, and this breaks debian-cd [Bug 1307] Please reduce the lenny-dvd build frequency [Bug 1308] dysfunctional DVD profile selection [Bug 1311] lwat: Error when "full name" field is empty [Bug 1312] lenny mirror broken, misses contrib+non-free [Bug 1314] Some init-scripts are missing header info. [Bug 1317] close?: Partitioning schemes for free space with lvm. [Bug 1318] installgui fails on i810. [Bug 1322] test bug [Bug 1324] another test bug [Bug 1324] New: another test bug [Bug 1325] New: Netinstall fails because one cannot answer the question the installer asks Bug#498793: marked as done (debian-edu-install: [INTL:pt] Updated Portuguese translation for debconf messages) Bug#499589: marked as done ([l10n] Updated Czech translation of debian-edu-install debconf messages) Bug#500548: marked as done (debian-edu-install: Add Chinese(zh_CN.UTF-8) translation) Bug#505488: please package SchoolTool Call for participation: OWF'08 track on higher education chroot on another computer correct boot options for LTSP lenny dates announced for the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit: GUADEC + Akademy 2009 debian-edu_0.838~svn55471_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu_0.838~svn55485_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu_0.838~svn55536_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_1.424~svn55515_i386.changes ACCEPTED Debian Edu Developer Gathering in Oslo, Norway December 5.-7. 2008 debian-edu-doc_1.2~20081108_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-doc_1.2~20081115_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_0.674_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_0.674~svn55505_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu usbstick images missing (Re: Asus EEe Box boot problems) Debian Lenny and italc Developer gathering in Trondheim, Norway - January 2009 Re: Diskless Workstation - impossible to install documentation translation status flash n java future of debian-edu (fwd) Deadline for Abstracts: 1st December 08. INTED2009 Valencia (SPAIN) [Fwd: Re: flash n java] hotmail how far is Debian Edu from Debian? Ideas for fixing the package selection during installation pep EVENT®: Programa de planificación para eventos en 2D y 3D Risposta automatica Fuori sede: Pubblicit?  sul vostro sito? langs with tasksel localization-config_1.06~svn55808_i386.changes is NEW Next irc meeting: Today (Wednesday) 19:00 UTC Next irc meeting: Wednesday, the 19th November 19:00 UTC Open Everything Berlin, Saturday 6th December 2008 Please add missing MIME types for mplayerplug-in. Processed: commited to svn, pending Processing of debian-edu-install_0.674_i386.changes recreating LTSP envirorment fails Reply me with your informations for more details. Fwd: [ #906] AutoReply: Debian RT: doesnt send mails anymore for sysadmin requests SchoolTool Beta released Showcase Appliance for Schools Re: Some notes on multimedia support in iceweasel Summary from the irc meeting 2008-11-05 switching to d-i rc1 images towards an upload of the debian-edu package Update: Reference Schools/Testskoler Upgrade to Lenny (+Lenny-test). Urgent Proposition: Re: Video recordings from the Debian Edu/Skolelinux conference Re: Volunteer to renew devcamp equipment boxes why Debian LTSP uses NFS vs. NBD world ccrisis world crisiss z25_persistent-net.rules was causing a mess The last update was on 20:27 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 160 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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