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Re: towards an upload of the debian-edu package


On Sunday 30 November 2008 09:30, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > I've uploaded debian-edu-install today (to sid and lenny-test), so
> > the only package which is behing in Debian is debian-edu.
> This will have broken the installer, as the new debian-edu-install
> package do not preseed tasksel, and the old debian-edu package in
> unstable and lenny expect it to do so.  I expect none of "our"
> packages will be installed using the packages in unstable now.

I expect(ed) so too, but I dont see how this matters. The only thing we test 
(and support) are installations from our lenny(-test) images anyway, so why 
care if unstable is broken?

And as lenny-test already has the new debian-edu package that shouldnt be 

Please also note that I followed the "release early, release often" mantra and 
feel free to do new uploads to fix stuff ;-)

> Also, the installation is not working as it should with the svn
> version of debian-edu and debian-edu-install, ref my email earlier
> about tasksel.

You mean the one from friday? /me suggests to file a bug for better tracking.

> > The changelog looks ok to me except one thing:
> >
> >   * desktop-gnome task:
> >     - Add test setting to trigger on tasksel/desktop=gnome during
> > installation.
> >       Does not work properly yet.
> >
> > How do I install a gnome-desktop, besides using expert mode?
> I believe it is working now.  

So this needs further testing? Should we remove that "does not properly yet" 
from the changelog in svn already?

> You install it by specifying 
> 'desktop=gnome' as a boot parameter to the installer.

Thanks. Will try to do a test tomorrow.

> The set of packages being installed need to be adjusted, though.
> >   * desktop-kde task:
> >     - Avoid  php4-cli, php4 and libapache2-mod-php4 to try to only get
> >       php5 on the DVD, and hopefully get lwat and slbackup-php to
> > install.
> >
> > That "hopefully" also doesnt sound convincing. Can someone comment on
> > this?
> I did not test this, and have no idea if it is OK.

Hmpf. d-i has the policy of not commiting untested changes, I think we should 
at least use bugs to track such things. "hopefully, maybe, no idea if" in 
changelogs doesnt really help much IMHO...


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