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Re: Update: Reference Schools/Testskoler

I think all the schools in Belgium are Flemish (dutch)
I have recently started using Skolelinux in classrooms other than math classes, and if programs aren't properly translated, the teachers have agreed to let students do the translating of english to dutch (if they can use the software off course)


RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Dear list,

2008 is reaching its end - and while everybody is waiting for Mr. Lenny Kravitz (?), I can proudly great two further schools in our database.

In nearly 20 coutries, we have approx. 160 installations. Among them are
 99 schools in Norway, and 33 schools in German speaking countries (*).

Further schools are located in France, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Mali, Eritrea, Brazil, Peru, Philippines, Japan, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, and U.K.. [*] There are 28 schools in Germany, and 2 in Austria. At least some of the 3 schools in Switzerland are German speaking. I don't know as for schools in Belgium and Italy (South Tyrol). This is only interesting for language support, of course. Generally, most schools will appreciate the wide range of locales of Debian and KDE.

Kind regards

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