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z25_persistent-net.rules was causing a mess

Well, I think I found what the hell was causing all my probelms with
DWS and everything else.

I reinstalled debian edu etch.
Of my two thernet card, only one (the pci) is recognize by the 2.6.18
kernel version, so I installed the 2.6.24 kernel and I have done
nothing else.
I tested my thin client and it was working fine.
(Than I made a backup with partimage :).
After it, I got the nice idea to change the network card name becasue
I'm used to call eth0 the integrated card and eth1 the pci card and
actualy was the viceversa.
I modifed /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules simply exchangin
the names of the cards.
I rebooted the computer and the cards got the names as aspected but,
after it, my thin client was having the same problems I was reporting:
amazing slow, partically blocked.

I restored the z25_persistent-net.rules backup and the thinclient is
workink fine again!!!!

Actualy I haven't run the ltsp-make-client but that's just a lot to
me. I lost half of my lever in these days bacause of that.

I hope that this can be usefull to someone else and I would like
someone explain me why that happens.

Thank you ;)

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