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Re: Volunteer to renew devcamp equipment boxes

[Bjarne Nielsen]
> Can someone find the correct budget, and billing information?

I had a look at the application we sent[1] (and got accepted, but 50k
short) to FAD, and there we estimated 50k for "driftskostnader og
utstyr" (not sure about the translation, perhaps admin and
equipment?).  Anyway, given that the total was redused from 500k to
450k, I believe it is reasonable to cut 50k to 45k, and call that the
budget for admin and equipment.  20k of the 450 was passed on to the
member organization to cover hardware, so I guess 20k of these should
come from the member organization, and 25 from the foundation.  Unless
the board of the member organization protests, I would say that the
budget is NOK 45k.

 1 http://www.friprogramvareiskolen.no/Application/2007-projects/2007-Skolelinux

As for billing information, I am not sure what to propose.  Some of it
should go to FRiSK, and some should go to SLX Debian Labs.  I guess
the easiest would be to send it to FRiSK, and then FRiSK can get the
rest from SLX Debian Labs, to reduce the number of transaction you
need to do.  Check with Jørgen if this is OK with FRiSK.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen
Board leader of SLX Debian Labs

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