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Re: Some notes on multimedia support in iceweasel

[Jonas Smedegaard]
> It might make sense to check if any of the alternatives are favored
> by Iceweasel for some kinds of media, and if so either have the
> relevant debian-edu package conflict with them or at least document
> somewhere that they should be avoided if wanting to maintain the
> quality tested officially by the debian-edu project.

As far as I can see, iceweasel pick the alphabetically first plugin
when several plugins claim to support the same kind of media (ie. mime
type).  Not aware of any references from the iceweasel community.

> Also beware that some plugins are directly affected by
> adding/replacing packages with ones from debian-unoffical.org and
> debian-multimedia.org.

Yeah, the mplayer plugin is directly affected (increased format
support, I believe).

[Maximiliano Marin Bustos]
> As far I know, vlc or xine. Have plugin for mozilla or iceweasel,
> and I prefer xine or vlc than mplayer because they have a better GUI

I would have loved to use the vlc plugin myself, but its plugin do not
handle several of the test sites, is lacking control gui (as in pause,
stop, play and seek buttonts) in the embedded plugin, and do not
handle streaming of video (need to download the entire file before
starting).  Would be great if someone solved these issues.

As for the xine library, it is used by at least kaffeine-mozilla,
xine-plugin and gxineplugin, but fail to work with several test sites
and none of the plugins provide both embedding, control gui and
streaming.  As it stand, it too need serious work before it is a
suitable alternative. :(

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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