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Re: Next irc meeting: Wednesday, the 19th November 19:00 UTC

On Tuesday 18 November 2008 00:11:02 Daniel Hess wrote:
> Hallo all!
> Our next irc meeting will be on Wednesday the 19th of November at
> 19:00 UTC (which is 20:00 CET) in our developer channel #debian-edu on
> irc.debian.org.
> Please have a look at: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting
> There are still two essential administrative tasks to take. We really
> need a moderator and a summary writer for the meeting. As past meetings
> have shown, we should fill this positions before the meeting. So if
> *YOU* feel like you could do one of this jobs, please don't hesitate to
> put your name next to it.
I've put my name right to the summary part. I was the last months in heavy 
stress because of university but I'll try to be a bit back online :) 


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