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Re: flash n java

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 08:56:28 +0100, nigel barker <tech@hiroshima-is.ac.jp> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Yesterday I installed another etch ltspserver from the etch DVD. Its
> x86_64 and refuses to take flash plugin from Adobe, even though that is
> what I installed on my amd64 ltspservers and workstations without any
> problems. flashplugin-nonfree gives no candidate version.
> Then today I installed an amd64 workstation. There doesn't seem to be
> any sun-java5-plugin package any more either!
> I don't think I'm doing anything different from all the other installs
> over the past year or more (I admit most on i686, but for sure several
> amd64). Has something changed?

But are you sure you installed the 64 bit version, or did you perhaps install i386 on amd64? You can install using i386 on both i686 and amd64, but if you install 64 bit, there is a lot of packages not in the main repositories.


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