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Re: future of debian-edu

El jue, 20-11-2008 a las 00:49 +0100, Gerhard Prade escribió:
> hello all,
> what is missing, so debian-edu / skolelinux will have more features in
> future? I dont understand developing, i am only administrator of a
> network in a school (we use arktur) and help in another school to
> install skolelinux. from my point of view i have a lot of wishes, but i
> am afraid to ask, because i think there are none to implement this
> feature.  i see its all developing in free time after work. can i help?
> should i search for money, for people for developing? what can i do?
> if i see cipux it is a great idea, but i miss alot of things. i know the
> developer and see how difficult it is for him. it is the same thing for
> the whole debian-edu?

Hi Gerhard
From my experience, for the development of Debian Edu you can apport the
things you've said (money or developpers), but most important things are
your ideas and your work. You shouldn't be afraid of asking, you should
ask for us to know what things can/may/must be improved or added. And if
you can work on some of those ideas you should do it. 

I began to work with Debian Edu less than two years ago and I have to
say that some of the things I've asked are being done now. For others
things, after discussing the ideas with more members, we have decided
together that they were not so good ideas or there were better solutions
or they were just impossible. But most of the things I've asked have
already been done.

José L.

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