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Ideas for fixing the package selection during installation

With the introduction of language specific extra packages to install,
and the support of desktop selection (kde and gnome so far) during
installation, the installer of Debian Edu/Lenny is slightly broken:

 - The tasksel question show up, allowing users to override the
   settings we want to enable for each profile.

 - The Desktop and Standard tasks from the default Debian installation
   is automatically selected, leading to the incorrect set of packages
   being installed.

This is partly because I tried to redesign the package selection
system to contain knowledge about tasksel tasks to the debian-edu
package, to avoid having to update both debian-edu and
debian-edu-install when adjusting the tasks.

I'm not quite sure how to fix the problem.  I suspect a preseeding of
the seen flag for the tasksel question might get rid of the question,
but did not test this.

To avoid autoselection of the Desktop and Standard tasks, we could try
to divert /usr/lib/tasksel/tests/new-install and
/usr/lib/tasksel/tests/desktop during installation.  The alternative
is to preseed the tasksel question from debian-edu-install, and keep
the hard dependency between them.  Please help finding a solution to

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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