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documentation translation status


(read the full mail for the status of lenny documentation.)

the status for the etch documentation translations is as follows:

release-manual.de.po: 640 translated messages, 92 fuzzy translations, 174 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.es.po: 96 translated messages, 178 fuzzy translations, 632 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.fr.po: 498 translated messages, 221 fuzzy translations, 187 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.it.po: 743 translated messages, 38 fuzzy translations, 125 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.nb.po: 566 translated messages, 153 fuzzy translations, 187 
untranslated messages.

the status for the rosegarden documentation translation is as follows:

rosegarden-manual.nb.po: 606 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation.

I have just uploaded debian-edu-doc to etch-test with these translations. The 
next step now will to be to create lenny documenatation based on this.

If you are interested in translating, but have no idea how, please reply to 
this mail. (To the list.)


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