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Re: Showcase Appliance for Schools

Am Sonntag 23 November 2008 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
> What are your needs currently? What could you imagine in the
> foreseeable future?

Hi, "my" (i.e. my school's) needs are currently met:
Clients run firefox in fullscreen displaying some Yoomla! page.
There are several divs (schedules, news, banner, clock) updated by 
javascript & co. (there are some modules/addons for this purpose).

But I thought that it was not hard to implement basic features  within 
Skolelinux, thus being even more attractive. I read that x2go for 
instance, comes with a kiosk profile that starts over PXE (no login) 
and just opens one application (like firefox). 

Skolelinux has a web server, adding some cms or lms (moodle) or at least 
moinmoin (preconfigured) could be a bonus here.

Just thinking aloud

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