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Re: future of debian-edu

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Gerhard Prade]
should i search for money, for people for developing? what can i do?

[Andreas Tille]
According to my experience finding people who do some work for money
is not really successful.

It depends a lot on how it is done, but it can create problems in a
volunteer-driven project. ...

Yes, I agree here.  The things you mentioned is (except debian-installer)
not about implementing technical details.  I had the impression that
Gerhard was asking about paying for working down a list of missing features.
If it is an amount of money to pay for a information scientist a year than
you can hire somebody.  But I don't think that Gerhard was talking about
a sum of this dimension.  Sponsoring travel expenses for a developer gathering
and asking to do the sponsee to do a defined task would be a more reasonable

But considering the fact that Gerhard is working as an administrator in
schools I somehow have the feeling that finding a student who becomes
involved might be a reasonable concept (and sponsoring his travel to a
gathering to get really involved) seems like a realistic approach.

Kind regards



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