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Re: hotmail

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
do you use Squid? You might block hotmail anyway - or you just install
Hi Ralf, no I don't want to block any webmail. Kids need it for work. We ask all kids over grade 5 to have their own webmail address. That's why I needed this fix.
Opera. Does MS block "Iceweasel" on purpose? Try changing agent string to "Redmond" - if this works, Iceweasel must be blacklisted
Doesn't work with konqueror either - seems to be a whitelist. MS in their typical naivety/arrogance assume that the only browsers are the ones they have heard of. Never mind that there are web standards and anyone should be able to write their own browser if they want to / can.

Anyway, I'm happy that it works just writing FF instead of IW, and that we don't have to fake the whole browser string and masquerade as yet another copy of IE on Vista to add to their stats.


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