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Re: Volunteer to renew devcamp equipment boxes

[Bjarne Nielsen]
> I thought I'd try to fix this before the gathering in
> December. Anyone who has suggestions to what equipment should be
> included - please speak up.

Very good to see you volunteering to fix this. :)

Not sure what should be included, but here are a few ideas:

 - some commonly used laptops
 - one machine with the 4 VGA on one PCI card from Brasil
 - a machine with a DVD burner
 - some small thin clients / diskless workstation style machines
 - a USB camera supported by v4l/v4l2
 - machines with different network cards and wireless cards

> Initially I'd say a machine or two that could be used as servers, a
> few different clients, and one or two laptops. Should all equipment
> be compatible with some specific kernel version out-of-the-box, or
> is it better to have some different equipment, and then make lenny
> work with the equipment in question?

I do not have any strong opinions here.  As the machines will hang
around a while (the old ones are very old :), I belive we should not
be too worried about hardware support in etch, at least, but we should
stay away from hardware produced by vendors not friendly to linux, if
this make it unlikely the hardware will ever be supported by the
GNU/Linux distributions.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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