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Re: future of debian-edu

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, Gerhard Prade wrote:

from my point of view i have a lot of wishes,

Just tell us.  Creating a wishlist is always welcome.  You could also
use the bug reporting tool `reportbug` and tag you bug as 'wishlist'.
That's perfectly welcome.

but i am afraid to ask,

Please never be afraid to ask - asking is always welcome.  We have no
chance to fit user interests if user hide their wishes.

because i think there are none to implement this feature.

This depends from the feature.  If the feature is interesting enough and
somebody really wants it chances are good that it will be implemented.

i see its all developing in free time after work. can i help?

Sure.  Just create a list of features you are missing.  Perhaps also
some Wiki page might be a nice way to do so.  Once this is done you
might try to tackle your most wanted feature by discussing the way
it might be implemented and perhaps you will be able to provide chunks
of code that lead to the implementation.  By this you become part of
a community and might enjoy this feeling.

should i search for money, for people for developing? what can i do?

According to my experience finding people who do some work for money
is not really successful.  It has turned out in the past that trying to
do what you can do yourself and asking for help if you see some barriers
is the better approach.  But if you are able to find a clever student
who might become involved in Debian Edu to implement your wished and
reward his effort with some money might be an alternative plan - just
try it.

if i see cipux it is a great idea, but i miss alot of things. i know the
developer and see how difficult it is for him. it is the same thing for
the whole debian-edu?

I can not comment on cipux itself - but I'm quite sure that Debian Edu
is not *only* Cipux and there are a lot of very successful installations
running all over the world.

best wishes, gerhard

Thanks and welcome at the Debian Edu mailing list



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