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documentation translation status


(read the full mail for the status of lenny documentation.)

the status for the etch documentation translations is as follows:

release-manual.de.po: 673 translated messages, 78 fuzzy translations, 144 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.es.po: 121 translated messages, 172 fuzzy translations, 602 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.fr.po: 524 translated messages, 214 fuzzy translations, 157 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.it.po: 770 translated messages, 30 fuzzy translations, 95 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.nb.po: 593 translated messages, 145 fuzzy translations, 157 
untranslated messages.

the status for the rosegarden documentation translation is as follows:

rosegarden-manual.nb.po: 584 translated messages, 6 fuzzy translations, 10 
untranslated messages.

I have just uploaded debian-edu-doc to etch-test with these translations and 
plan another upload in a week. That might or might not be the last upload 
targeted at etch, please update your translations if you want them included.

If you are interested in translating, but have no idea how, please reply to 
this mail. (To the list.)

In a week, I plan to start the lenny documentation, which will be copied from 
the existing etch documentation, incl. the translations. So the work you do 
for etch now (or previously) will be reused. (I hope it works, but I'm fairly 
positive it will ;)


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