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langs with tasksel

Hi, I've been waiting to see you on irc, but I guess your baby is
stealing much time, so I'm sending you my questions by email so you can
answer "asynchronously".

I've been checking and studing how that stuff works and have some
questions for you. I guess most of them are due to some lack of
understanding by my part, but maybe rethinking some of these things we
might get the key to make it work.

- why are you using as test script: always-lang or always-laptop instead
of using the lang or laptop tests that tasksel install?

- In the "education-lang-xx" tasks you use list (with an empty list).
d-i uses task-fields, with the language-env as key package. so why are
you  doing it that way if the list is empty? is it a cdd-dev limitation?

- If all the above is correct, I'm thinking that the education-lang-es
or education-lang-no are being installed, but as they don't install any
package we're not noticing it. Do you know if there is a way to know if
they have been installed?
- With the education-lang-xx-desktop tasks, we're saying that they
enhanced the  education-desktop-other & education-lang-es tasks. But I
don't thin that will work. According to the
current /usr/share/tasksel/debian-tasks.desc and the poor documentation
in the tasksel README, it seems that the enhancing should be to tasks
being part of their name. I.E: education-lang-xx-desktop can enhance
education-lang-xx , or education-desktop, but not
education-desktop-other, as "other" is not part of this task name.

And finally, what do you think about temporally changing the current dvd
building script to make a very small dvd to test these things? Now,
rebuilding the dvd and downloading it takes a long time, just to make a
small test... Obviously that sould be said in the mail list, and done
only for a few days. Or do you know a better option to quickly test some
changes to fix this issue?

José L.

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