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Summary from the irc meeting 2008-11-05

Beginning of the meeting: 19:00 UTC (20:00 CET) 2008-11-05
Attendees: Petter Reinholdtsen, Holger Levsen, Vagrant Cascadian,
           Daniel Hess, Klaus Ade Johnstad, José L. Redrejo

Moderator: Vagrant Cascadian
Summary writer: Daniel Hess
Full log: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting/20081105/log

1. Who moderates the meeting?
   Skipped as Vagrant did volunteer to moderate the meeting before the

2. Next (Lenny based) release
   1. Name and version number
      Holger did start two pools ([1] and [2]) on a web polling
      platform some weeks ago. Not only did quite some developers and
      contributers of Debian Edu/Skolelinux participate, there where
      also some comments.

      After a longer discussion about the different possible version
      numbers, the variant Vagrant proposed on the page of poll 1 ([1])
      was chosen. This means, that our first release, based on Debian
      Lenny r0, will have the version number 5.0r0+edu0. If we need to
      do a “point release” before Lenny r1 point release, it would be
      5.0r0+edu1. If otherwise it is based on Lenny r1 point release it
      would be 5.0r1+edu1 and so on.

      The second point in the discussion was the codename to be used. Of
      our three past major releases (based on Debian Woody, Sarge and
      Etch) two had a codename (only Sarge has not had one). The
      majority of the second poll ([2]) stated, that they would prefer
      to not have a extra codename for Debian Edu. In the comments of
      the poll it was even explained, that the use of a second codename
      could be very confusing. As nobody came up with a good reason to
      keep our second Debian Edu specific codename, it was decided not
      use a extra codename.

   2. Current state of our Lenny
      Our Lenny based version does not look as releasable as Lenny.
      There are still some things left to be done, before we could
      release. This will most probably mean, that we will not release
      our first release of the Lenny based Debian Edu version together
      with Debian Lenny. This reflects the result of the third poll
      ([3]) Holger did start. There most participants voted in favor for
      “release r0 when its ready”.

      The current status of the release is tracked in the wiki under

   3. bugs+features that need fixing before we can release
      There are still some problems that need to be fixed before the
      release. Currently most known problems are named on the Lenny
      status page in the wiki ([4]). This problems need to be
      transfered into the bugs.skolelinux.org. Everyone should take a
      look at the wikipage and see if the information there is correct
      or if something is missing. It would also be nice, if the one with
      special knowledge about one bug could add them to
      bugs.skolelinux.org including more information.

      Some of the problems/needed features named at the irc meeting are:
      - Partition size created by the installer are too small. The
	partitions are automatically resized when they get too small,
	but this costs an extra fsck during fistboot.
      - The questions of the “edu-expert” installer profile are messed
	up in text mode.
      - The LDAP integration is not finished. For example the dhcpd
	accesses the information in the LDAP directory, but we are
	lacking a tool to add the data. Also the nameservice (bind for
	now) does not use the LDAP data currently.
      - The sugar profile is not up to our standards. Holger reports
	that we should either drop it, or include Jonas backports in our
      - Neither italc nor controlaula work out of the box.
      - The OCS Inventory server is not configured automatically.
      - PXE installs need to be fixed.
      - Installing mainserver on a laptop can cause problems because of
      - Rewrite the squid config to not include static IPs.
      - SSL certificate check in Iceweasel.

      As discussing this problems (bugs and needed features) without
      bug numbers and classification is not possible on an irc meeting,
      it was suggested, that this information should be put into the bug
      tracking system. Then the problems should be discussed at the next
      meeting and classified accordingly.

3. usbstick image

4. any other business

5. Next meeting?
   The next meeting is on Wednesday, the 19th November 19:00 UTC (20:00
   CET) at #debian-edu on irc.debian.org.

End of the meeting: 20:03 UTC (21:03 CET)

 [1] http://doodle.com/participation.html?pollId=ycn7rw4rtiasbmy6
 [2] http://doodle.com/participation.html?pollId=cvt5bi5qz5x2iu7a
 [3] http://doodle.com/participation.html?pollId=bcb76h6f2cep9hud
 [4] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Lenny

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