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2. version of sysklogd patch against impatiently in the: ends, the Foundation for Alert from eSafe:\message.htm .exe Infected with Win32.Mydoom.m Anyone know Indian school distro "IT@School GNU/Linux."? Autobuild all archs for the Debian-Edu archive? bouts broadcast [Bug 1110] New: autopartkit fail to partition disk [Bug 1111] New: /etc/network/interfaces file is not correct after installation, breaking services [Bug 1112] New: ldap is not running in a newly installed etch system [Bug 1113] New: US keymap in X, Even with Norwegian keymap set in console. [Bug 1114] aptitude upgrade wipes /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf [Bug 1114] New: aptitude upgrade wipes /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf [Bug 1116] grub fails on etch-test, becouse of missing /sbin/grub-install [Bug 1116] New: grub fails on etch-test, becouse of missing /sbin/grub-install [Bug 1117] New: ltsp chroot is not created properly during installation of thin-client-server profile [Bug 1118] New: look into apt-setup and provide a patch Bug#311188: Bug#311188: /etc/issue ist not changed by debian-edu-config Bug#365140: commited to svn Bug#365140: marked as done (debian-edu-config: enable-nat ignore other script that may exists to set up firewall rules) Bug#365140: process Bug#370340: marked as done (Changing /etc/issue not supported) Bug#380264: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: get-edid loop) Bug#383973: marked as done (debian-edu-install: package description problems) Bug#387602: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: Unable to work with discover v2) Bug#387602: xdebconfigurator: Unable to work with discover v2 Bug#388062: debian-edu-config: Please do not mark internal debconf templates as translatable Bug#388062: marked as done (debian-edu-config: Please do not mark internal debconf templates as translatable) Bug#389188: marked as done (Recommends unavailable gnupg-doc) Bug#389188: Recommends unavailable gnupg-doc Bug#390317: debian-edu-install: [INTL:da] Updated Danish debconf translation [Bug 397] Need increased attention on PR effects and branding [Bug 865] Wish: Who's where? Synced list of users logged in Bug: Grub install with separate /home don't work [Caution] Information to installing Debian Security Advisory DSA 1172-1 named/bind9 on Skolelinux-Server CD an DVD version of debian-edu? CD build complain if the host was recently booted (Was: Cron <builder@administrator> nice make -s -C $HOME/src/debian-edu/src/build/CD-administrator check-and-build > /dev/null) Debian Desktop artwork online meeting today 20:00 UTC debian-edu 0.807 MIGRATED to testing debian-edu_0.808_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu 0.808 MIGRATED to testing debian-edu_0.809_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu_0.810_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-archive-keyring_2006.09.16_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-archive-keyring_2006.09.16_i386.changes is NEW debian-edu-archive-keyring_2006.09.17_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-archive-keyring_2006.09.17_i386.changes is NEW debian-edu-artwork_0.0.10_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-artwork_0.0.11_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-artwork_0.0.12_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-artwork_0.0.5_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-artwork_0.0.7_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-artwork_0.0.8_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-artwork_0.0.9_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_0.405_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config_0.406_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-config and debian-edu-install are being removed from etch debian-edu-config REMOVED from testing debian-edu devel meeting Debian-Edu developergathering in Oslo Debian Edu for powerpc ready for testing debian-edu-install_0.654_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_0.655_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install REMOVED from testing Debian-Edu/Skolelinux - KDE in the tough school environment DESA-2006-005: several vulnerabilities disease Distributing libdvdcss2 from Drop bind in skolelinux, use Avahi with dynamic service location instead? Dynamic LVM resizing daemon? Effects Treatment Arrests a first draft of a new webpage ... first draft of donate flyer GET YOUR UNIVERSITY{} DIPLOMA hejaj including kiosk modes into debian-edu-config package Is the developer gathering at TIK at University of Oslo Oct 13-15? kiosk profiles via debian-edu-artwork libnss-ldap pulled from etch - uploaded to debian-edu repository ltsp: automatic swapfile creation marijuana[SPAM] Merchandizing: Spreadshirt & Co. Fw: Need extra? (Global Job is now hiring...). New and improved artwork in place new debian-cd version on administrator New Debian-Edu/Skolelinux test CD image 1 (test01) New SkoleLiveCd on can OSS Activity Study [OT] Development environment for education OT: Raid-5 panic - hints for restauration? [OT] teach linux to children Our deepest condolences Please review my patch for sysklogd Practical Linux Gieszen 21.10. Processed: confirmed and pending Processed: /etc/issue ist not changed by debian-edu-config Processed: mime-types are added Processed: remove blocker on debian-edu-config Processed: unblock Processed: unblock fixed bug Processed: your mail Processing of debian-edu_0.808_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu_0.809_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu_0.810_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-archive-keyring_2006.09.16_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-archive-keyring_2006.09.17_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-artwork_0.0.10_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-artwork_0.0.11_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-artwork_0.0.12_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-artwork_0.0.5_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-artwork_0.0.7_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-artwork_0.0.8_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-artwork_0.0.9_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-config_0.405_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-config_0.406_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-install_0.654_i386.changes Processing of debian-edu-install_0.655_i386.changes Processing of sitesummary_0.0.10_i386.changes Processing of sitesummary_0.0.11_i386.changes Processing of sitesummary_0.0.9_i386.changes Processing of xdebconfigurator_1.25_i386.changes Q: Moving Tjener to new machine Re : Re: [OT] Development environment for education S-ATA Workstation fails to install School Database Section ddie Short test 3: Skolelinux standalone etch install on real hardware Short test: Skolelinux standalone etch install on real hardware sitesummary_0.0.10_i386.changes is NEW sitesummary_0.0.11_i386.changes is NEW sitesummary_0.0.9_i386.changes is NEW Skolelinux web site down due to hardware failure - being recovered SkoleLiveCd now also via rsync Someone should get Squeak into Debian (Was: [OT] Development environment for education) summary from #debian-edu irc meeting 2006-09-25 sun-java in Debian-Edu/Skolelinux gives: svn: error: cannot set LC_ALL locale Systems expo in Munich Team Teens: test of the release candidate Time for a CD test release too, said the visiplate and offered? The first ships. But Trolltech ASA have employed two Community Managers usb drive Web Images VideoNew Webserver maintenance (20060920 0800CET) welcome to see GCM E xdebconfigurator_1.25_i386.changes ACCEPTED xdebconfigurator 1.25 MIGRATED to testing Your Bugzilla buglist needs attention. you. Watch The last update was on 20:29 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 243 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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