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Re: Trolltech ASA have employed two Community Managers

Hi Knut, 

congratulations for your new job then.

Am Montag 04 September 2006 20:37 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
> What does this have to do with Debian EDU - except the overlap of
> persons involved?

I think it is very interesting to us that Knut could become a linkage to 
a company KDE (and KDE-Edu) leans on. As Skolelinux provides KDE as 
default desktop - and the kde-edu subproject is already now very 
cooperative - I regard this very promising.

Will you (Knut) or any other Qt representant attend to akademy?

Here is the link once again that lists some wishes for edu-software that 
could be rendered by Qt-developers (and possibly need further libs):



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