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Re: [OT] Development environment for education

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, [ISO-8859-1] José L. Redrejo [ISO-8859-1] Rodríguez wrote:

If I were the teacher I would use Squeak. Children since 7 years old can
begin to program with e-Toys and, later, go on with Smalltalk. Squeak
works in more than 15 platforms with the same image and has great
multimedia capabilities. Take a look at www.squeakland.org and

I know Squeak (at least from some very impressive demos) and I also
know the licensing problems that stop it from beeing distributed inside
Debian.  Any news in this field?

But, if what the teacher is looking an "nice" IDE as Delphi, VS, etc. I
thing gambas is the best option. Take a look at gambas.sourceforge.net.

Thanks for the hint.  It is even packaged.  I'll have a look.

Kind regards



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