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[OT] Development environment for education


I guess this question is OT here, but I hope the low volume
of the list might be an excuse.  (Is there any better place
to ask?)

I just had a talk with the ne teacher of my son who also
teaches informatics.  He started migrating to Linux using
dual boot systems and is using Arktur server.  It was
quite a short discussion so I don't know much details -
but there is light at horizont!

He said that he needs Windows for instance because of the
nice development environment of Delphi because students get
results really quickly.  So my question is: What programming
environment could serve for the same purpose as free
replacement.  I have heard about free pascal, but I don't
know whether this might come close.  I personally would
prefer Python - but they need a shiny environment ...

Kind regards



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