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Dynamic LVM resizing daemon?

Now that ext3, lvm and the linux kernel support file system resizes
without umounting, perhaps it is time to create something that
dynamically increases the file system sizes when they fill up, based
on some rules.

For example, /var/ could be increased by 2% every time it is 95% full,
until it reaches 10 GiB, or /var/opt/ltsp/swapfiles/ could be
increased by 128 MiB every time there is less than 64 MiB left, until
it occupies 10% of the LVM volume group.  Every time it resizes a file
system, the sysadmin should get some notification.

I suspect this should be possible to implement in some script
language.  Anyone know if a similar system already exist?  If we had
such system, the need to manually adjust the file system sizes should
be drastically reduced.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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