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CD an DVD version of debian-edu?

To cope with the increased package sizes in etch (openoffice.org for
example increased by ~50 MiB), I suspect we need to come up with
something innovative.  One suggestion is to do like Edubuntu, and
provide one 700 MiB CD version with the bare necessities, and a DVD
with a lot more user applications and translations.

I've given it a try, and built a DVD version of the etch-test profile.
I'm not sure if it boots, but expect that to work just fine.  I am
very interested in comments related to this idea.

To test it, download
(4.6 GiB).  It is also available using rsync.

The DVD have room for ~5700 packages, while the CDs have room for
~1000 packages.

It is not build automatically yet.  Building it took 15 minutes, and
if we add it to the list of autobuilt images we need to reduce the
frequency from every 30 minutes to probably like every hour.  Not sure
if we want that.  It might be an idea to reduce the build frequency
for the Sarge based CDs instead.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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