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S-ATA Workstation fails to install

Dear list,

I am doomed to take machines I didn't order myself as workstations. 
http://wiki.skolelinux.de/InstallationsProtokolle/20060831 displays some 
of its system data (lspci and so on).

Within BIOS I can turn RAID on or off, in the latter case, I can see the 
hard disc on S-ATA1. There is no legacy mode. The SLX-Installer (expert 
and expert26) doesn't find any hard disks.

On the mentioned page I also tried to list all drivers Knoppix 5 uses 
for the controller. All I want is to boot and run some nice Debian.

I managed to install Knoppix with LILO. Can I possibly just exchange 
some packages to dock to tjener's Ldap?

Cheers for any hints

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