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Re: [OT] Development environment for education

Am Mittwoch, 20. September 2006 22:57 hub Andreas Tille in die Tasten:

| So my question is: What programming
| environment could serve for the same purpose as free
| replacement.  I have heard about free pascal, but I don't
| know whether this might come close.  I personally would
| prefer Python - but they need a shiny environment ...

What about Kylix? It is the official Borland Linux release for Delphi 

It seemes as if you can find some debian packages here:
deb http://www.linex.org/sources/linex/debian sarge linex 

If you want free software he should try out Lazarus.

I never worked with it but the articles in the press seem preety good.


It seems as if you can download the Deb's here:

If you can read german see this link

In the german newspaper 'Free X' 4/2006 and 5/2006 were long articles with 
detailed description of how to start programing with lazarus. I could scan 
them and send them to you.

Have fun
Stefan Padberg, Wuppertal

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