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OT: Raid-5 panic - hints for restauration?


for more than 2 years, we run a FS TX150 Primacy Server with 4x38GB SCSI 
platters that are driven by an Adaptec RAID controller in Mode 5.

Yesterday I saw casually that one of the green lights had turned to 
orange (it was during one of those guided tours through our catacombs). 
Reading some logs (raidutil), I found that this disc must have failed as 
early as May! Now, before I even could order a new one, the whole 
system went down (I/O errors, re-mount read-only, ...).

I turned off the system (there was no available "shutdown command") and 
bought a new disc (Seagate). Now I hope to revive the server on monday.

This would be the first time, so I am very grateful for any hints: Can I 
just exchange the disc and boot? Or do I have to enter the RAID setup?


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