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Re: Debian Edu for powerpc ready for testing

Am 24.09.2006 um 22:57 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:

I have no idea what the problem with the invalid release file could
be.  I leave that to someone with powerpc skills. :)

The error message

"Invalid Release file: no entry for local/binary-powerpc/Packages"

says, an entry in /dists/etch/Release is missing. But there are no {Packages, Packages.gz} inside /dists/etch/local/binary-powerpc.

Maybe it is better, to remove /dists/etch/{local/binary-powerpc, non- free, contrib} and to cut the corresponding entries in /dists/etch/ Release.

Maybe you have to adjust the initrd (/etc/apt/sources.lst) properly.


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