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Re: [OT] Development environment for education

El jue, 21-09-2006 a las 09:02 +0200, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, [ISO-8859-1] José L. Redrejo [ISO-8859-1] Rodríguez wrote:
> > If I were the teacher I would use Squeak. Children since 7 years old can
> > begin to program with e-Toys and, later, go on with Smalltalk. Squeak
> > works in more than 15 platforms with the same image and has great
> > multimedia capabilities. Take a look at www.squeakland.org and
> > www.squeak.org
> I know Squeak (at least from some very impressive demos) and I also
> know the licensing problems that stop it from beeing distributed inside
> Debian.  Any news in this field?

It's quite simple. There were three problems with the Squeak licence
a) propietary fonts in the image
b) clausule against being used in countries as Iran, Cuba, etc., point 6
c) Apple limitation of liability: point 4

a) has no more sense because those fonts have been removed from the
b) and c) are still there, except because Apple have agreed to relicense
its part to a new license without problems to go into Debian. But, all
the work made in Squeak by many programmers after the Apple period has
still that license and it's quite difficult to relicense that work, so
the problems are still there. As usual nor even lawyers know what to

Anyway, I have packaged it for our debian based distribution, because at
Spain, like happens with the libdvdcss2 library dont' take into account
those stupid restrictions. You can check them at:


> > But, if what the teacher is looking an "nice" IDE as Delphi, VS, etc. I
> > thing gambas is the best option. Take a look at gambas.sourceforge.net.
> Thanks for the hint.  It is even packaged.  I'll have a look.

I'm the Debian maintainer of the packages. Take a look at the gambas2
packages that are already in experimental. (version 1.9.33) Next week I
will upload to Debian unstable the 1.9.42 version, as the upstream
developer has confirmed me that he is not going to make any change else
in the bytecode of the programs before the final release of gambas 2.0. 
I will upload previously the packages to
http://apt.linex.org/linex/gambas/ where you version 1.9.39 is also
available now.

Don't doubt in ask any questions. 

José L.

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