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Re: skolelinux.org

Am Samstag 09 September 2006 12:14 schrieb Kurt Gramlich:
> we have moved all german pages to the german wiki, as decideѕ
> some time ago
> we have no manpower to maintain the plone system and there are
> lot of outdated information


skolelinux.org is the _international_ page. If your browser is set to 
locale "de", you are forwarded to (non-working) skolelinux.org/de. Was 
the plone system shut down? Using skolelinux.org/no takes you to the 
international wiki. Skolelinux.org/portal (formally English portal) is 
dead as well :(

Can we adapt any files in SVN to set pointers right here? Some contacts 
from England also complained recently that slx.org was dead!


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