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Re: kiosk profiles via debian-edu-artwork

[Steffen Joeris]
> Well fellowers now we have the debian-edu-artwork package. Currently
> it gives us a nice bootsplash and a kdm theme, so I guess it is time
> to add some nice kiosk profiles.

Actually, there are support for KDE configuration in
debian-edu-config, and I believe we should limit the
debian-edu-artwork package to images and their activation code, and
keep the rest of the KDE configuration in debian-edu-config.

> My dream would be to have different profiles for the different
> school types. I guess the question of how we can change them via an
> admin frontend can be answered later, but for now i would like to
> have them in the debian-edu-artwork package.

The profile parts that affect the wallpapers and themes would fit in
the artwork package, while the rest should be placed somewhere else.
I want the debian-edu-artwork package to have as little side-effects
and unrelated dependencies as possible, to make it easy to install in
pure debian, kubuntu and edubuntu, and thus hide the fact that the
machine isn't a "real" debian-edu installation. :)

There are already some code in debian-edu-config to configure KDE, and
we can add some conditional activation code to it to make it possible
to adjust the configuration based on group membership or similar.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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