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Re: Merchandizing: Spreadshirt & Co.

> >Some samples?
> >
> >http://www.spreadshirt.de/shop.php?sid=22258 (Gentoo)
> >http://michael-prokop.at/blog/2006/05/11/grml-on-my-notebook/
> >
> >also cf.:
> >http://developer.spreadshirt.net/

> Good idea, this is the "print on demand" model used in publishing.

> But their T-shirts are very expensive!  A minimum of 11 euros purchase
> price before shipping cost is around twice the shop price here in expensive
> Oslo.  It is probably much cheaper to order them from a local T-shirt
> printing shop who imports the shirts from China.  Even if you need to
> keep some stock.

> Halvor

And as and alternative for those outside EU:

Several sources in Thailand provides better T-shirts with excellent quality,
but beware of mispeling :-) and Un-American  XXL sizes :-(
(Witness locals from The Stammkneipe with excellent T-Shirts in lavish sizes
of a quality in both printing and fabric that promises to outlive the wearer :-)

If someone chooses to purchase a few kilos of printed T-shirts then I would suggest Frankfurt am Main (or vicinity) as a practical place to mail from. 
Deutsche Post AG gives an excellent compromise for both price and speed of delivery.
A Maxibrief would cost EURO 4.50 for max 500 grams within EU. (www.post.de)

Jim Oksvold

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