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Re: Distributing libdvdcss2 from ftp.skolelinux.org?

[Vagrant Cascadian]
> will this be a problem for schools adopting debian-edu in countries
> affected by DMCA or similar laws?

Perhaps.  I guess the same way it is a problem to distribute tor in
countries where the goverment want to peek into every citicens
actions, and distributing public domain software in countries where
the authors rights laws do not accept public domain as a concept.  But
if we stop distributing software that can cause problems in some
country in the world, we will soon run out of software to distribute.
And I do not believe that is a good idea.  Those living in such
countries will have to figure out a solution to their problem, and can
not expect everyone else in the world to share their pain.

In practice, I suspect schools in such countries will be able to point
to norway and complain that it is legel here.  After all, how is a
school admin to understand that it is supposed to be illegal to be
able to use a computer to view DVDs.  I suspect it does not make sense
anywhere to make that illegal, and am thus lucky that not every
country have done so. :)

Petter Reinholdtsen

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