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Bug#388062: debian-edu-config: Please do not mark internal debconf templates as translatable

Package: debian-edu-config
Version: 0.405
Severity: minor


In debian/debian-edu-config.templates:
  _Description: Should the init.d/update-hostname script run at boot time
   Internal template used to set the configuration value at install time.

If it is never shown to the user, it should not be marked as
translatable (i.e. the Description: string should not be prepended with
an underscore).

  _Description: Do you want to run enable-nat on your system
is not a valid question (you should add an interogative mark), fixing
the following lintian warning:
  W: debian-edu-config: malformed-question-in-templates

Thanks for your work.

Thomas Huriaux

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