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Re: Distributing libdvdcss2 from ftp.skolelinux.org?


On Saturday 16 September 2006 15:52, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > will this be a problem for schools adopting debian-edu in countries
> > affected by DMCA or similar laws?
> Perhaps.

We should try to find out what the causes of our actions are, before we do 

> After all, how is a
> school admin to understand that it is supposed to be illegal to be
> able to use a computer to view DVDs.  I suspect it does not make sense
> anywhere to make that illegal, and am thus lucky that not every
> country have done so. :)

Not knowing the laws doesnt prevent you from punishment.

I added the following comments to libdvdcss in the debian-edu ftp-NEW-queue 
(which block processing of it thru NEW): 

1. can we distribute it legally in europe? 

2. also, there is the problem, even if we can distribute it in EU, that users 
in .usa or .au or .foo might get into legal trouble. 

3. or maybe even we (*), as we dont provide a click-thru-protection "i hereby 
state that i'm allowed to download this" - (*) "we" is ftpmasters here, as we 
(TTBOOurK) are the ones who are legally responsible. does debian-edu has 
contacts to "real" lawyers?

There has been some more discussion on irc (logs are available), but nothing 
too important IMHO.


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