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Re: [OT] Development environment for education

El mié, 20-09-2006 a las 22:57 +0200, Andreas Tille escribió:
> Hi,
> I guess this question is OT here, but I hope the low volume
> of the list might be an excuse.  (Is there any better place
> to ask?)
> I just had a talk with the ne teacher of my son who also
> teaches informatics.  He started migrating to Linux using
> dual boot systems and is using Arktur server.  It was
> quite a short discussion so I don't know much details -
> but there is light at horizont!
> He said that he needs Windows for instance because of the
> nice development environment of Delphi because students get
> results really quickly.  So my question is: What programming
> environment could serve for the same purpose as free
> replacement.  I have heard about free pascal, but I don't
> know whether this might come close.  I personally would
> prefer Python - but they need a shiny environment ...
> Kind regards
>            Andreas.

If I were the teacher I would use Squeak. Children since 7 years old can
begin to program with e-Toys and, later, go on with Smalltalk. Squeak
works in more than 15 platforms with the same image and has great
multimedia capabilities. Take a look at www.squeakland.org and
But, if what the teacher is looking an "nice" IDE as Delphi, VS, etc. I
thing gambas is the best option. Take a look at gambas.sourceforge.net.
It's the old BASIC brought to linux with OOP and serious improvements
(not VB, but with tools to make easy the movements to VB programmers).

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