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Skolelinux web site down due to hardware failure - being recovered

The problem with maintainer.skolelinux.no Morten Werner set out to
check out today proved to be a broken disk in the system RAID set.
While we tried to fix this by moving to another RAID set, the machine
decided to die completely.  This mean the skolelinux web sites went
down around 18:00 +0200 today.

We ended up loosing all the data on the disks.  This forced us to
reinstall the machine and restore from backup.  We are currently
working on this.

We have managed to restore most of the data from backup.  These
services should be working, partly based on

 - bugzilla
 - apache, most web sites
   - bugs.skolelinux.(no,org) (we have lost all changes done since last night)
   - friprogramvare.no 
   - i18n.skolelinux.no 
   - www.linuxiskolen.no
 - sitesummary
 - snmpd

These are not yet working

 - zope
 - apache, some web sites (mostly due to zope being down)
   - friprogramvareiskolen.no
   - www.spist.no
   - skoleknoppix.skolelinux.org
   - snofrix.skolelinux.org
   - nordiskknoppix.skolelinux.org
   - knoppix.skolelinux.org
   - www.skolelinux.org
 - munin
 - nagios

Some directories used by zope had been forgotten when we configured
backup.  We are working to recover from this issue.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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