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Re: S-ATA Workstation fails to install

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Dear list,

I am doomed to take machines I didn't order myself as workstations. http://wiki.skolelinux.de/InstallationsProtokolle/20060831 displays some of its system data (lspci and so on).

Within BIOS I can turn RAID on or off, in the latter case, I can see the hard disc on S-ATA1. There is no legacy mode. The SLX-Installer (expert and expert26) doesn't find any hard disks.

On the mentioned page I also tried to list all drivers Knoppix 5 uses for the controller. All I want is to boot and run some nice Debian.

I managed to install Knoppix with LILO. Can I possibly just exchange some packages to dock to tjener's Ldap?

Cheers for any hints

Problem is likely that the sata chipset on your machine is too new for the 2.6.8 kernel on sarge. installing debian on top of knoppix is possible, check out debtakeover, but its perhaps just as easy to do a debootstrap install of debian from your knoppix livecd. , and add the skolelinux repo, install the debian-edu packages and install the packagelist using tasksel.

OR you can use the etch-test cd. it's not 100% yet but getting better each day. and we could use more testing :)

if you have a working workstation you can grab a list of packages using dpkg --get-selections, but mixing knoppix debs with debian debs and the skolelinux repo will most likely end in breakage. but you can ofcouse try to use knopix's packages and migrate over the config only.

good luck


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