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Re: [OT] teach linux to children

May be it is easier if you consider "teaching something using Linux"
instead of "teaching linux"

My 2  €-cents


Le mercredi 27 septembre 2006 à 10:59 +0200, Gianko a écrit :
> Hello people,
> I'm preparing a meet with children (about 10-14 years old) to explain
> what is Linux and Free Software.
> I know that is  difficult to speak with children of that age using plain
> words... then I'd like to know if there's somebody who have teaching
> experience in Linux stuff.
> If in this list there's some teacher (Italian teacher is great) ... I
> will to exchange some word with him.
> GP
CDDP des Landes
Ingénierie Éducative
614, rue du Ruisseau - BP 401
40012 Mont de Marsan Cedex

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