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Q: Moving Tjener to new machine

Dear list, 

I plan to move a readily installed tjener ("T0") to a new machine 
("T1"). These are the given premises:

(i) T0 (Pentium 2) is up and running Skolelinux 2.0 (Sarge) with dozens
     of users; some updates and installations were made (CipUX). It uses
     two (non-LVM) ext3-partitions (sda1 = /; sdb1 = /skole/tjener/)
(ii) T1 (P4) is partitioned more sophisticated (spread on 3 disks), 
     there is no LVM either. It has the base installation of Debian-Edu
     2.0 (Sarge), but no users or additional stuff.
(iii) The only possible connection between T0 and T1 is a crossover 
      ethernet CAT6 cable (100 kbit). T0 has a CDROM-drive (no burner),
      T1 has a DVD burner.

My plan is to move the system from T0 to T1, keeping as much as 
possible. My intention is either to boot knoppix on one or both 
machines and rsync partitions, or even to rsync from a running system.

Q1: Apart from fstab, what other config files I need to keep on T1?
Q2: In case I push the sync to T1 running, what services must be
      stopped (apart from slapd)? Can I just change the runlevel?
Q3: Is it recommended to pull the files from T1 running?
Q4: What further hints do you advise? (use tgz archive, other tools)?

I wish to complete the move within 1-2 hours.


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