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Re: sun-java in Debian-Edu/Skolelinux

torsdag 7. september 2006, 12:50, skrev Steffen Joeris:
> Hi All
> To the best of my knowledge Debian-Edu/Skolelinux had (or even still has) a
> special agreement with SUN-Java that allows us to ship it with
> Debian-Edu/Skolelinux.
> If that is the case, can somebody please inform ftpmaster@skolelinux.org
> about this contract and send it to this mailinglist as it is important for
> us to know about it.
> Otherwise please tell me if I am wrong and if we are "just" allowed to use
> SUN-Java according to the normal license terms.
> Cheers
> Steffen

We (Skolelinux/debian-edu) have an agreement with SUN to distribute the J2RE 
as part of Skolelinux/debian-edu. This agreement was made some time ago, and 
please remember that SUN has recently modified their Java license (, or at 
least proclaimed doing so). So I'm not entirely sure whether or not this 
change in license text may influence our agreement with SUN in any way. 

I haven't checked it, but my personal gut feeling is "no" ... 

You'll find all correspondence associated with this agreement in 
in the path:

With regard
Gjermund Skogstad

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